Pre Weld Cell Investigation

Having the right information before purchasing a robotic welding system is critical to its implementation success. The Pre Weld Cell Investigation gives you the answers to the questions:

  • how many parts can we weld at a time?
  • what size of robot and positioner will we need to fit the parts we want to weld along with the framework and fixtures to properly located them?
  • what robot options are required for our parts, and which are just nice features?
  • what is our true cost to implement a working robotic welding system in our facility?
  • what type of clamping system is needed for our parts?
  • do we need to pre tack the parts before loading them into a robotic weld cell?

Have the right data before you start getting quotes on robotic welding systems.

Call or email us for a review of your application.

Innovair Automation has added AKS Cutting Systems to their offering 

We are now the exclusive distributor for AKS Cutting Systems in Northwest ON, MB and SK.  Sell-Install-Maintain-Warranty-Training all provided locally by Innovair Automation in Winnipeg!

INNOVAIR AUTOMATION has recently added ABB Robotics as a supplier. 

Innovair Automation has recently become an ABB integrator to be able to deliver better support and options for customers. Call or email us for more information.

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