Programming and Weld Development Services

Time is money. Time not spent welding is a lot of money wasted for your company. An idle robotic welding system has a zero ROI. Get your robotic welding system up and running quickly and at maximum efficiency and capacity.

  • add new production parts to your under utilized robotic welding system
  • optimize the welding quality and speed of new or existing parts
  • utilize your available robot feature such as Touch Sensing, Through the Arc Seam Tracking, 2D and 3D vision systems
  • utilize the new welding equipment and consumable technology available to increase weld speeds and throughput
Innovair Automation has added AKS Cutting Systems to their offering 

We are now the exclusive distributor for AKS Cutting Systems in Northwest ON, MB and SK.  Sell-Install-Maintain-Warranty-Training all provided locally by Innovair Automation in Winnipeg!

INNOVAIR AUTOMATION has recently added ABB Robotics as a supplier. 

Innovair Automation has recently become an ABB integrator to be able to deliver better support and options for customers. Call or email us for more information.

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